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Point of sale

What makes our platform unique, is the capability to use Epostrader just like a cash register if you wish to. Epostrader is equipped with a built-in point of sale module which you can simply simply use in your walk-in store to record customers and transactions to keep it up-to-date with your online store.

Create own pages

You want to add additional products or information? Easy! Use the built-in page editor to create new pages to keep your customers up to date.

Multiple checkouts

Have you got several online stores to maintain? No sweat! Our administration panel means you can manage all of them easily from a single location.

Multiple shipping methods

Quickly set up the best options for shipping goods. Flat shipping rate? Weight and dimensions based on your customer’s shipping address? Free shipping on Mondays? The choice is yours!

Product options

Do you want to vary product options? Set up additional attributes for your products while giving extra reward points, or charge more depending on product options.

Stock control

No worries about running out of stock... Epostrader gives you full control over the quantities you have for sale. And you can switch off unavailable products so they won’t be displayed in your shop.

Vouchers, coupons, reward points

Sell your own gift cards, generate coupon codes, and award your customers with loyalty points that can be exchanged for products in your store(s).

Customer groups

If you're planning a wholesale business you might want to give your best buyers a permanent discount. Just set up the relevant groups and add your special customers to them. Different prices for different customer groups!

Easy page design

It's easy to change the basic page layout. It’s modular, so you can move page units around at will. Don't like the slider on the home page? Just switch it off. Or make sure that some element is visible on all pages, and so on.

Sales report

Get detailed sales reports so you can organize your inventory more effectively. Group sales into custom time-frames to get a great overview of your financial resources.

Order management

Easily track the progress of an order. With built-in custom order status, you can manage your orders at any stage, and update customers on the status of their order.

Social platform support

Your customers can share your website content with almost 300 social networks. Build your network – and gain lots of social and organic traffic.

Send emails and newsletters

Send a message to a select group of customers, or all of them. Keep them up to date about special offers and discounts.

Customer reviews

Ratings and testimonials are invaluable. Allow your customers to rate your products – and add a few words of praise about your service. (But don't worry: you can monitor them before publishing!)

Product comparison

Help your customer to find the exact product they’re looking for. Thanks to the products comparison tool, they can view products side by side and compare product features and specifications.