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Epostrader 1.2.5 has been released!

2014-03-30 17:05:54

We have just released latest version of Epostrader. Current, stable release is 1.2.5. It brings some changes in Product menu to improve user experience, new options for international shipping, self-service billing, improvements and patches for common known bugs. Here's a full list what has been implemented:

1. New tab for images

Product cover image has been moved from the "Data" tab to the "Images" tab where user can add cover image and additional images in one place. We found previous solution confusing for some users, so we have decided to put it in one place.

2. New tab for product categories

To improve user experience we have moved product categories from the "Links" tab to the brand new tab called "Categories".

3. Self-service user billing

All users are now able to extend, upgrade, or downgrade their online store plan by using self-service menu. To do that, go to "System / Settings" and press "Edit" on the store you would like to change. Then select "Billing" tab and choose desired plan and period. You can upgrade, or downgrade your plan anytime. If downgrading, you need to make sure that product and user count is allowed by your new plan. You can extend your current plan period maximum of one year from day when extension is made. You will be asked to pay by PayPal for self-service, or you can pay by cash, or bank transfer trough customer support.

4. Rates for international shipping

If you're operating a worldwide store then this option will allow you to set-up different shipping rates depends on destination country. To activate it go to "Extensions / Shipping" and check if "Country Zone Shipping" module is installed. If not press "Install". Once module is installed you can press "Edit" and now you can enable module and configure shipping costs.

5. User improvements and bug fixes

We have improved some data on the administration dashboard and implemented fixes for common known bugs.